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Points will be scored the best 6 out of 8 races. 1 substitute driver will be allow during the season

DQ's will be scored 0 and will not count towards a drop

Must attend 6 out of 8 races to be prize eligible

Points classes are 80% payback and 1/3 of the field


Points Results after 5TH Race-


Beginner Outlaw #290

Box Stock Outlaw#330

Clone Champ #425

Clone Heavy #375

Clone Lite #325

Medium #350

Clone Super Heavy

Future Stars/Kid Karts  

Dyno Cams Hobby Stock Predator 400

Dyno Cams Hobby Stock Predator Medium #375  

 Dyno Cams Hobby Stock Super Heavy #425

Jr. Champ 

Jr. 1 Green

Jr. Sportsman Champ

Jr. 3 

Limited Modified

Pee Wee