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Competition Rules

Competition Review

The competition committees responsibility is to draw up new rules, review new rules presented, aid in advice, review competition issues and protests

Committee members are all volunteers, they are not required to be at an event nor watch every lap of racing. The committee members we have represent 5 principles of the karting industry, engine, chassis, manufacturing, parts supply, civilian. Committee member must follow guidelines set amongst themselves, and ensure their commitments to equal, fair and balanced competition. Committee members are nominated for one full year, every January.

Leader position.

The BBGS has a long-standing policy of protecting the leader. The protection of the leader includes that of the last lap of the race. The following clarifications will be adopted.

1) Leader protection is there in instances where the leader is contacted/spun/wrecked by a competitor due to malicious contact. For example: 1) If the leader maintains their line and they are maliciously spun or dumped on the last lap and the competitor making contact, made no attempt to pass them cleanly. 2) A competitor waits on the leader in order to cause a collision 3) A lap car commits an ill-advised attempt and allowing the leader to pass causing a collision. 4) avoidable collision with a lap kart, the leader must make every attempt to pass a lap kart cleanly if they do and said lap kart causes a collision.

2) The protection does not extend to the leader, if the leader blocks, maneuvers aggressively or changes their line to prevent a competitor the opportunity to pass cleanly. For example 1) the leader of the race aggressively blocks the competitor behind them, such as looking behind them. 2) the leader turns across a competitors nose causing a collision.
3) the leader alters their driving line from previous laps to block the forward progress of a kart behind them, this includes the closing laps of a competition race. 4) avoidable collision with a lap kart, the leader attempts to wreck or cause a collision with a lap kart without attempting a clean pass.

Rules not noted refer back to AKRA Rule book.


Points will be scored the best 6 out of 8 races. 

Points will be awarded 130 for 1st, 120 for 2nd, 115 for 3rd and so on.

DQ's will be scored 0 and will not count towards a drop

25 points will be awarded to a racer who competes in all 8 races.S

Should a tie result happen, race wins will be the tie breaker followed by 2nd and 3rds

 Substitutions, a driver is only allowed one substitution per year. It is the responsibility of the driver to know they had a substitution. Any substitutions after their first will not be allowed, if a second substitution is attempted or ran it will result in a disqualification that cannot be dropped.