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Wing Outlaw Tire Rules

21st Feb 2019

Wing Outlaw classes will use 3 - 6.00 & 1 - 8.00 size 2019 or 2020 Burris SS-33A tires, no cutting, no prep.

Millbridge protest rules and procedures will be used. TIRE IMPOUND RULE IS IN EFFECT !!!!

Tires must be purchased (at this time) and can only be mounted at either TRJ Karting in Kannapolis, NC or Hammer Karts in Harrisburg , NC. The 4 tire set price is $240, Tires purchased elsewhere will not be allowed to be used in the series for competition. Mounting is available on your provided bare rims for $20.

The tires will then be impounded, in the series impound trailer. Tires mounted at Hammer Karts will be transferred for storage at TRJ Karting.