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JR Drivers

26th Mar 2019

Junior Driver Age Groups

NKA Engine Rule
-Kid kart - Comer or 79cc Predator only
-Pee wee (5-8) - 245, red plate, small pipe, 15/65 Millbridge gear, 17/65 Providence gear
-Jr1 (8-10) - 275 green plate, small pipe
-Jr2 (10-12) - 290 purple plate, small pipe
-Jr3 (12-15) - 320 blue plate, small pipe
-Jr Guaranteed Money (8-12) - 290 purple, small pipe
-Jr 3 Guaranteed Money (12-15) - 320 blue, small pipe

The borderline age Junior Driver's may move up one age group, but once they do, they cannot move back down. For Example, A Jr2 races in JR3, they will not be able to race Jr2 as well. JR 1 drivers are not allowed to run JR 2, but JR1 and JR2 will be combined for the Money race. JR 3 drivers may not run a SR class and JR 3, JR 3 will have its own Money race.

Beginner Box Stock Outlaw Kart (5-9) - #275, Green Plate, Small Pipe
Box Stock Outlaw Kart (8+) - #315, Unrestricted, Small Plate
Outlaw Money (7+) - #300, Purple Plate, Small Pipe

A physical paper copy of Original Birth Certificates for all JR drivers will be required the first time you register. (please do not bring original).