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Hobby Stock Class using the Predator and Dyno 212.

21st Feb 2019

Hobby Stock Class using the Predator and Dyno 212.

We have consulted with over 20 racers and builders, these will be the rules for this class.
The Dyno 212 incentive will be as follows, $50 certificate for the highest finisher, $25 certificate for the 2nd highest finisher. $50 bonus certificate if the winner is on a Dyno 212. Dyno is supporting this series, and we intern are supporting them. Certificates will be redemable at
The 2nd part of the consultation was payout, it was unanimous. We will have a structured payout that will payout 1/2 of the field, the purse is guaranteed to be minimum $750 and will grow with the number of entries per event.

The DynoCams Hobby Stock Divisions will utilize both the Harbor Freight Predator Engine and the Preferred 

DynoCams Ducar 212cc Engine.

DynoCams Hobby Stock Medium - 375
DynoCams Hobby Stock Heavy - 390
DynoCams Hobby Stock Super Heavy - 425
DynoCams Hobby Stock Guaranteed Money plus Dyno 212cc Incentive - 400
DynoCams Ducar 212cc equipped karts will weigh 10lbs more.

Both engines must surge and turn no more than 5500rpm.
Both engine must be run out of the box as supplied by their respective supplier.
Visual Tech and Parts Tech at discretion of the tech inspector.
$125 claim for HF Predator, $200 Claim for Dyno 212. Engines can be claimed by anyone in the field at the completion of the main.

Any year Burris SS33A maybe used. Unleaded 87 pump gas only.

If you have any questions please call Tim at 980-267-8046