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Amsoil Contigency

All of the "Pro" Money Classes in the BBGS will be eligible for a $25 winners and $10 2nd place contingency. The contingency program is simple, purchase any case of Dominator engine oil with a purchase value of $150, provide a proof of purchase, run the decals, photograph your kart with the decals in victory lane and you are eligible.


$25 for a 1st place feature win
$10 for a 2nd place feature finish

Requirements to be eligible

-Purchase $150 minimum of Amsoil Dominator Racing Oil, any weight or quantity.
-Purchase must be made in 2020 calendar year, proof of purchase must be submitted at registration on race day. Proof of purchase will be held until the end of the calendar year.
-Proof of purchase must be in the Driver or Team Owners name.
-Eligibility will commence once proof of purchase is submitted.
-No submissions prior to proof of purchase submission will be accepted.
-Contingency payments will be paid by check, once all eligibility requirements are met.

-Entrant must display an Amsoil Racing 7.5" decal supplied by the BBGS on each side of karts claiming eligibility.
-Entrant winners must provide a photograph of their kart in Victory Lane and submit photo to the BBGS.
-Entrants will be provided a contingency submission form that needs to be completed in full.